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Building Information Modelling and the quantity extraction possibilities for archiving sustainability(.pdf).



Building Information Modelling and the tracking of direct Economical Implications for Green Awareness embodied in Materials to archive Sustainability in early Design

Quantity extracting in BIM 


The Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industries are being driven through legislation and by clients to improve Building performance. This enhances the need for the Life Cycle to be Cost effective for both industry and investors, and in the long run be profitable.

BIM as a process and a project management, tool is being used more and more by market frontiers and this thesis will provide information on how BIM can help achieve these improvements and how to utilize the developing tools and workflows.

Through the quantity properties of drawing in 3D, it will showcase how the use of calculation optimizes and creates an overall basis for decision making and a detailed examination of existing applications as a working tool in the early design stages.

There is a need for a general and necessary concept, which could be Building Information Modelling (BIM), to achieve the correct materials and to optimize the supply route. This will improve the sustainable footprint of the building through its lifetime.

There will be focus on comparison segmented projects, between Denmark and UK. It will provide a conclusion with an exchange of knowledge, between approaches in Denmark and Scotland to BIM and their application possibilities in the early design stages.


[*Handin: Oct 2011]



BSc:Quantity extracting in BIM(.pdf)



Introducing the future of quantity surveying and the

streamline productions for rapid estimating with

BIM(Building Information Model) extractions. A target

orientated dissertation towards estimating in BIM to

evaluate the personal ideas of a student at KEA doing BSc

Architectural Technology and Construction Management.

Created to focus on estimating and to promote the already

proven future aspects of Estimating with BIM.


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